"We are happy to inform you that your shipment arrived safely and pleased our eyes and hearts."  
Ján Moder, Slovakia, 16.3.2023 

"The eggs have arrived, and no breakages! I have popped them in my glass bowl with all the other Czech eggs, absolutely fabulous... Thanks so much for all your help."  
Sylvia Calman, New Zeland, 29.3.2022 

"All of the eggs arrived in great shape. They are beautiful. Thank you"  
Erin Odowd, Germany, 11.3.2022 

"They are beautiful. Will comment on the FB page. Thanks again."  
Suzanne Gainey, Italy, 22.3.2022 

"The eggs arrived and are wonderful! I will be happy to leave you a review and will shop again with you in the future. Thank you!"  
Amanda Nowlin, USA, 3.4.2022 

"The eggs came to San Francisco all right, they are beautiful! Thank you again for very good packing a cooperation."  
Zuzana Vavrusova, Czech republic / USA , 4.4.2022

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