We can deliver Easter eggs to you freely or in the special boxes below

The mentioned types of packaging can also be ordered separately, without the need to order Easter eggs, but the minimum amount of the packaging order must exceed 12 EUR
(Orders for individual boxes under 12 EUR will be canceled by the seller for non-compliance with the minimum quantity order)

Separately ordered paper boxes 3K to 5K are sent in disassembled condition due to the dimensions of the shipment, but one folded piece is always included as a sample



Top selling items in this category

  1. Krabička 1K
    0.99 €Krabička 1KBox 1K Modern and transparent two-part plastic PET box for one chicken egg.
  2. Krabička 6K
    4.99 €Krabička 6KBox 6K Box of wooden plywood for 12 Easter eggs. The Easter eggs are s
  3. Krabička 3K
    0.99 €Krabička 3KKrabička 2K Two-piece box of hard paper for three chicken eggs. The up
  4. Krabička 8K - Plastic shipping box
    1.99 €Krabička 8K - Plastic shipping boxPlastic shipping box Plastic transport box for 15 Easter eggs, filled with...
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