Welcome to the website of our family firm with a 30-year tradition of making decorative Easter eggs.  


Our products  

We make a wide range of Easter eggs, using both traditional and contemporary techniques. All eggs are created only by handiwork. On this website you can find some of our creations as well as explanations concerning the making of different kinds of Easter eggs. The website will be continually updated and new, “modern”, types of Easter eggs will be added. We use hen, goose and oistrich eggs. 


Easter eggs in Prague  

We sell Easter eggs in the  Staromestske namesti in Prague during Easter. You can buy and order any of the types of our eggs. 


Our customers  

Our customers come mainly from abroad and buy our Easter eggs as souvenirs in Prague where we exhibit and sell them during the Easter market. 

Our Easter eggs are in high demand especially in Germany, where they are very popular, but we have exported them also to Japan, the USA and other countries. 

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